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Alamare Hostel

Alamare Hostel

is the adventure that the Arias Sánchez family undertook in 1992. In our neighborhood, located in the hub of the east side of the city, with a population of working middle class, we saw the opportunity to offer a resting place for tourists and workers well located and quiet.

We keep the rooms as we do with our own home, paying special attention to customers to find a quiet, comfortable and clean rest.

In these years we have reformed and improved our facilities to ensure the best and most complete service currently offering rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, wi-fi and a reception open 24 hours every day of the year.

Alamare Hostel

From La Negrilla, we can offer a peaceful accommodation between residential and industrial areas in the hub of the east of Seville, which allows fast access to any part of the inside or outside of the city.

Our neighborhood is booming, so we enjoyed both a young and modern atmosphere with numerous bars and restaurants, three supermarkets, gas station and pharmacies, as well as comfortable newly built infrastructure, such as Hacienda Su Eminencia Park, the Amate sports facilities, outpatient clinic, commuter station, 4 bus lines, fast connections to the ring road of the city, the Port of Seville, San Pablo airport or the Palacio de Congresos (FIBES).

What does the word Alamare?

Royal Academy of Language: alamare.

(From Ar. Hisp. 'Alam ornament [in clothing]).

1. m. Clip and button, or superimposed buttonhole is sewn, usually at the edge of the dress or coat, and serves buttoning, or merely gala ornament or for both purposes.

In the difficult search for a name we decided on Alamare this being a word clear obsolescence and risk of loss because only we use, and race times, bullfighting and brotherhood to refer to this detail of embroidery; identifying ourselves as something typical of Seville and retailer.